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Houses made from super nice container, saving

After renovations, the old containers, ugly suddenly become beautiful house, modern and charismatic.

When it comes to a home made from the container, you would imagine it to look like? Maybe you'll think of something like a living space without any structure and beautiful interior design yet. If so, you have entirely mistaken. In fact, what you can do with the containers as "unbelievable".

Container has been the architect analogy is Lego for adults.

A perfect example of this case is the house you will see below. It was built within two recycling containers and single-floor living space is very lovable. The house with green modern structure with interior extremely friendly and comfortable.

Model house made of old container building is one effective solution to the problem of housing prices and construction costs expensive.

Two containers used an area of 3.7m2. Plan simple design, environmental friendliness perfectly suited for a couple as it meets all necessary daily needs but limited budgets.

This beautiful house made from two old container has an area of 3.7m2.

Entrance to the house through a sliding glass door in between the steel container blue. Even here there is a wooden front porch about home. The interior of the house a lot more open than expected. The function space is very logical partition.

Inside this box are two living spaces comfortable, open, close to nature.

Some part of the container is removed deliberately to create accents.

The kitchen tidy and bright.

The average lifespan of the container housing is 10 - 20 years, easily dismantled when moving to a new place. According to many designers, container houses are safer than conventional housing in its place steel structure can withstand the shocks of earthquakes.