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  • 07:00 - 18/01/2016

    When it comes to a home made from the container, you would imagine it to look like? Maybe you'll think of something like a living space without any structure and beautiful interior design yet. If so, you have entirely mistaken. In fact, what you can do with the containers as "unbelievable".

  • 09:47 - 16/01/2016

    To address housing land in HCMC increasingly scarce, the need to build temporary houses, convenient for dismantling and moving more and more. About a year back, the assembly line does not nail the container began to increase than before. The type of house construction units also appear more than before.

  • 09:12 - 16/01/2016

    With the utilization of the container is no longer used, he My has built a house without a foundation, not the first brick in Vietnam.